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#7789 by hunterakins
Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:47 pm
I'm working on an acquisition and processing application for a geophysical application (RMT:

The basic idea is to establish an i2c link with a pixhawk2 flight controller running PX4 firmware, then use the pixhawk to trigger the red pitaya to acquire and process a buffer.

The measurement is a two channel acquisition, one channel is from a magnetic antenna, the other is from an electric antenna.

So far I have some code that acquires data from the two channels, computes the FFT and measures the coherency between the two channels to estimate the noise in the pitaya. :

I'd really appreciate it if someone took a look and let me know what they think. Unfortunately for it to compile you need the GNU Scientific Library ( on the Pitaya.

I'm using the GNU Software Library for their linear fit algorithm and their complex number struct, but it would be pretty easy to implement these on the pitaya and remove the dependency. That's on my todo list

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