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#8039 by Drachenfrucht
Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:07 pm
Hello all,

I am running RedPitaya v1.1 14-bit (equals STEMlab 125-14) with the Red Pitaya impedance transformer 1:14 (Minicircuit) on RX port in conjunction with Pavels' great software SDR receiver compatible with HPSDR.

On RedPitaya I start Pavels' SDR receiver compatible with HPSDR.
On my Windows computer I can run following constellation:

(1) I can successfully use PowerSDR mRX PS version 3.4.2 (7/5/17) as SDR receiver

(2) I can even successfully use the customized special version from STEMlab which is called "Power SDR OpenHPSDR mRX PS - Charly 25 / HAMlab / STEMlab SDR Edition - Release Version: 2017-07-20 - Commit: 7989e51". This works fine, too.

(3) I can successfully use "HDSDR version v2.76" as SDR receiver

(4) I can successfully use "CW skimmer server v.1.50" by using the provided HermesIntf.dll

(5) I can successfully use CW skimmer server v.1.50 + CWSL_Tee to 'split' the received I/Q stream. Then I launch HDSDR by choosing "ExtIO_CWSL.dll" when starting HDSDR. I can listen/RX with HDSDR software at the same time while CW skimmer server is running and decoding. So in parallel I can use HDSDR to RX on the 6 selected bands with the appropriate bandwidth I did configure in CW skimmer server. Works fine. (this setup is described HERE)

Then I tried to run setup (5) exactly the same way but using PowerSDR instead of HDSDR, but it doesn't work. I think the reason is due to limitation of missing option in PowerSDR to have an extra DLL loaded. I did not succeed in "teaching" PowerSDR to use the ExtIO_CWSL.dll which is needed to connect to the CW skimmer server. Is that possible somehow and did I miss any important step ?

My next question is --> Why most of SDR users out there are preferring PowerSDR software instead of HDSDR? In my opinion the most people are always talking about PowerSDR software when discussing on SDR software topics. What benefit, pro/cons has HDSDR vs PowerSDR ?

Thanks to anyone in advance.

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