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#8016 by tknopp
Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:54 pm
Hi All,

based on the awesome work of Jean Minet (https://www.koheron.com/blog/2016/11/29 ... ya-cluster) and Pavel Denim (http://pavel-demin.github.io/red-pitaya-notes/) we have build a project at:


that allows to
- Synchronize the fast ADC and DAC of a cluster of Red Pitayas.
- Sample the data with up to 15.625 MSamples / s into the main memory of each Red Pitaya. From there it can be send over the network to a client computer

The synchronization is done using the daisy chain connectors (SATA) but it requires some soldering. Since the synchronization of the clocks is not sufficient we additionally use the DIO to broadcast a trigger to all Red Pitayas starting both the DAC and the ADC at exactly the same sample.

This project is not fully documented and our application (we name it daq_server) is specific for our own use case. However, with just some C and network programming skills (similar to the RedPitaya C API) it should be possible to adapt the project to your own needs.

Contributions are welcome. Especially it would be great to develop a more general server application and some Matlab/Python clients that realize fully synchronous sampling.

Best regards,

Tobias Knopp and Jonas Beuke

P.S.: Some initial documentation can be found here: https://github.com/tknopp/RedPitayaDAQServer/wiki

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