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#7567 by arlederman89
Thu Jun 01, 2017 8:32 pm

I am relatively new to all things electrical engineering, so bear with me, please! I am working towards taking impedance measurements of a piezoceramic using Red Pitaya and the LCR meter extension module. I understand how to use the hardware, but I am curious if there is a block diagram type schematic like the one here: for the main board to see how the LCR meter hardware works.

Also, does the LCR meter make measurements using the automatic balance bridge method? As a two-, five-, or four-terminal method?

I'm also not sure how to connect IN1 to ground. Can I simply use an alligator clip on the SMA connection and attach to a power supply ground port?

Finally, are there SCPI commands to remote control the LCR meter and impedance analyzer? I cannot seem to find them in the documentation, and the LCR meter script I did find looks like it works in the PC's command line.

Thank you for any help!


EDITS: I was able to figure out that it is a 2T auto-balancing bridge method device and how to use MATLAB to use the command line to run the lcr program. I would still be interested in a schematic of the extension board and more information about grounding the IN1 terminal.

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