Running Vivado on Red Pitaya

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Re: Running Vivado on Red Pitaya

Post by mikepetrillo » Thu Jun 22, 2017 6:48 pm


Thanks again for the responses it was helpful.

I had went through the documentation and made a few notes regarding my confusion. If there are other documents that exist, please point me to them.

I have attached a few notes on what would be nice for defining the development system. In the end, clearly defining what tools or applications run on which processor would be a big help.

After review the documents, there are three sections that I found to help define things a bit: System overview - this section is tucked into the web applications section - it defines the frontend and backend components for running applications.
3.2.3. Ecosystem Guide - which defines that a 64 bit system is required for development (kinda). It was not clear that the host system should be used.
3.2.4. Red Pitaya OS - the host pc is mentioned at this point, but not sure if you can use windows for most stuff - only are is compiling, but maybe you can cross compile without linux?

Hopefully, this is clear and sorry for being so pedantic, but I am trying to understand the most effective way to develop things with this tool.

BTW, the attached includes a block diagram of how I see the development system - I would appreciate any feedback or point me to a better description. I also had not added too much text, just enough to hopefully get my points across.

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