CAN bus analyzers and bridges

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CAN bus analyzers and bridges

Post by bananiatutur » Fri Jun 21, 2024 12:29 pm

I am an embedded engineer and I regularly need to use CAN bus analyzers for my activity and sometimes I also use CAN bus bridges to interconnect systems between them.
With Red Pitaya's new click shield, I see an opportunity to make a versatile tool around bus analysis and debugging.

The RP click shield allows easy hardware configuration for many MIKROE Click boards including multiple buses. I'd like to start with CAN and CAN FD, but we can extend the requirement to several multi-node buses (LIN, RS485, IIC, ...).

I have mainly used two systems:
VECTOR - VN1610 (~1000 €) with CANalyzer/CANape ( €€€€€ )
PEAK SYSTEM - PCAN (~200 €) with PCAN-View (free)
I know that there is cheap hardware and free software offering good measurement capabilities, but they are usually limited by the need for a computer, sometimes with a specific operating system and usually with mediocre options.

What we can do with our RP and click cards can be incredible:
bus analyzer (CAN, LIN, RS485, ...)
record all or filtered messages (device or system debugging)
error logging (bus debugging)
with or without ACK
display on web server as message list or dashboard with dynamic graphics
generate an output file for downloading to the computer
bus node
same as above
+ transmission of a message/frame (single or periodic)
+ the message may be static or come from an RP/DSP/computer input measurement
bus bridge
same as above
+ transmission of a message from one bus to another (as is or with data modification)

It would require the following according to me:
DBC file interpreter
DBC file import
edit a DBC file
GUI - Web server page
low level - click board driver
It would be interesting to know whether Asymmetrical Multiprocessing with FreeRTOS works with the new 2.x operating system.

I'd like to know what you think and if anyone else would be interested in such a system.
Please send me your feedback and ideas :D

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Re: CAN bus analyzers and bridges

Post by redpitaya » Mon Jun 24, 2024 2:28 pm

Hello bananiatutur,
Thank you for writing on the forum.
That is a very cool idea!

The Asymmetrical Multiprocessing with FreeRTOS should work on Red Pitaya as long as it works on a standard Ubuntu version (Ubuntu 22.04 is used as a basis for 2.x OS, with a few minor changes (disabled user interface, etc.) that allow it to run on Red Pitaya). Perhaps you can also check the compatibility of the FreeRTOS with the Zynq 7010 (Dual-core ARM processor).

If there are any updates on the project in the future, or you have any questions regarding Red Pitaya, please let me know.

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