Feedback and improvement suggestions

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Feedback and improvement suggestions

Post by JohnnyMalaria » Mon May 08, 2017 3:38 am


Firstly, I must congratulate RP for an amazing piece of technology. I am currently testing one to see if it is suitable for my needs. I know it has the potential via custom programming but, in my early stages, I have to rely on the web apps for oscilloscope, function generator and spectrum analyzer. These three features were the main reasons for buying the RP. Unfortunately, they really are not ready for fairly simple product development.

My project is a form of laser Doppler velocimetry. Basically, sub-micron particles moving in a laser beam create a photodetector detector signal with a spectrum of Doppler shifts equal to the spectrum of particle velocities. In my case, the movement is caused by an electric field generated by a function generator (obvious where I want that to come from!) Also involved is the generation of two ~40MHz RF signals. Here are my frustrations/suggestions (I known some have been raised before but nothing seems to have happened):

1. Spectrum analyzer - there's no averaging, only the current, min and max. THIS IS A SHOW STOPPER!!! My signals are very noisy and averaging is an absolute must.

2. Spectrum analyzer - there's no option to have a linear vertical scale. I'm measuring a spectrum of velocities - a logarithmic scale is meaningless. I can convert it in Excel but that is tedious and slow.

3. Spectrum analyzer - the CSV file only contains the y values - there's no frequency information which requires creating them (if you remember the setting)

4. Function generator - I want to measure the frequency spectrum as I change the waveform (the electric field). I can't because it only works when the oscilloscope app is running. At some point I will have two RPs so I could use one for generation and the other for spectral analysis.

5. General - why not store the current settings in the RP? It is a major pain to have to restore all the settings manually every time the web browser opens an app. Imagine my possible scenario: generate an 40MHz and 10Hz signal; measure the frequency spectrum from 0 to 200Hz; monitor a ~5mV signal on the oscilloscope with 1ms/div timebase. It takes a long time to do. And when it is because the phone/tablet/laptop goes to sleep or if I hop from the phone to my laptop then I'm really not happy.

Like I say, the RP is an amazing feat but the above frustrations are preventing me from using it in a "pro" environment. To me, these are relatively simple to address. So, for now, I will continue with my ancient 1970's Tektronix oscilloscope along side the RP for assurance.

Thank you,


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Re: Feedback and improvement suggestions

Post by redpitaya » Mon May 08, 2017 11:19 am

Hi John,

thank you for your suggestions.
This functionalities are definitely usable and good to have.
In the future development of the applications we will try to implement them.

Kind Regards, Zumy

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