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what to do to make Redpitaya a full fledged Lab instrument

Posted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 4:09 pm
by saposoft
Hello all
Testing and thinking about Redpitaya i've found that the most disturbing and difficult thing is that i need to hook it up to the network cable and power and being "naked" as it is always discomforting.
Let say that the case problem can be solved easily and in the occasion you also can put together two input & output attenuators, plus DC/AC couplings and 50Ω terminations .
Also let say that you can hook up an LCD Colour screen like the FTDI EVE demo panel plus few rotary switches and push button.
Judging by the Redpitaya schematics there is plenty of IO to connect all this , the FPGA and processor have both plenty of power to drive all this.
End result is the dream instrument that every Lab Rat dream of.
Real engineers don't use no web interface. they want knobs to turn !
So in the end ??? I'm open to suggestion , can't program an fpga for my life but can solder a few resistors and program in C and have a well equipped lab able to calibrate and test so can help in the project