Device Tree style interfacing

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Karri Kaksonen
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Device Tree style interfacing

Post by Karri Kaksonen » Wed Oct 28, 2015 8:44 am

Perhaps the upcoming Red Pitaya could support extension board eeproms like the Device Tree eeproms of Raspberry Pi HATs. With this you could set up GPIO interrupts with the kernel, default pin directions, initialize correct kernel modules at startup. It would be plug and play from the users point of view. This could open up for new extension boards like automatically adjustable offset and gain for high speed inputs.

The format could be the same as in Raspberry Pi. You put two 26 pin female sockets with 10mm pins in the Red Pitaya GPIO sockets. The board will have 12mm spacers to the next board. This makes the design stackable. You can then produce all kind of nice extension modules.

The first module could be a passive cooling plate. The next module could be SPI based analog gain and offset adjustment for adjusting the input to cover the entire digitizing range.

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