New to RP, which version to purchase?

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New to RP, which version to purchase?

Post by Someone » Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:00 pm


I'm currently looking into purchasing this nifty little product.
After comparing it to various other competitors, I've made up my mind and would love to order one.

LogicAnalyzer Pro and MetalCasing are must-haves for me.
So I could go for the STEMlab 125-14 DK (399€), which is just a little more expensive than the 125-10 with the Addons.
The LCR-Meter is 299€ as standalone purchase or I could pick the 125-14 UK, which is just 200€ more than the DK. (Saving 100€).

Poblem is that I'm not able to make up my mind in regards of the LCR-meter and struggle to see the use-cases for me / my students 'right now'.
So I'm open to reasons why I should pick it up right now in the UK- instead of the DK- bundle! ;)

Topics like this came into my mind, but it looks like in the end the LCR was not required at all.

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Re: New to RP, which version to purchase?

Post by redpitaya » Fri Mar 24, 2017 11:26 am


Great to hear that :)
The LCR meter is a frontend required for LCR meter application.
More here: ... meter.html
LCR meter application is very handy if you are working with electronics and similar and you wish to quickly measure come capacitors, inductors or resistor
which value is not visible or decodable. It also provides logging capabilities where you can do the measurements and log the data. This is useful for example if you wish to measure NTC or PTC resistance in respect to the temperature and similar.
LCR meter fronted is also compatible with contributed Impedance analyzer application available form our Market place. ... e-analyzer
The Impedance analyzer application enables measurements of Impedance, Phase and other parameters of the selected DUT (Device Under Test). Measurements can be performed in the Frequency sweep mode with 1Hz frequency resolution or in the Measurements sweep mode with the desired number of measurements at constant frequency. The selectable frequency range is from 1Hz to 1MHz.

Best, Red Pitaya Team

Best, RP Team

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