What is jQuery and Explain the exact purpose of the animate function in jQuery?

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What is jQuery and Explain the exact purpose of the animate function in jQuery?

Post by JessicaW » Sat Mar 03, 2018 7:25 am

jQuery can simply be interpreted as most advanced JavaScript framework which is used for performing high-level applications which include feature-rich, fast,and lightweight framework which assists in to through the HTML DOM, add Ajax interaction,build animations, manipulation of the page content, modify the alignment and render cool UI effect. This is a client-side scripting language.

The animate function is extensively being used in the jQuery. It is an advanced concept which is well received by the audience. Well, the main feature of the animation function in jQuery is to apply the custom animation effect to different elements.

The syntax for this function is as follows

$(selector).animate({params}, [duration], [easing], [callback])

* "param" defines the CSS properties where are intended to apply the animation.
* "duration" it simply depicts for what exact period of time the animation will run. Its values are: "slow", "fast", "normal" or it can even be milliseconds.
* "easing" is the string which specifies the function for the transition.
* "callback" it is the function with the help of which we can call an action upon the completion of the animation.
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