Low Noise Adjustable Power Supply (30V-4A, CC-CV)

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Low Noise Adjustable Power Supply (30V-4A, CC-CV)

Post by sam.mo » Mon Jan 11, 2021 8:32 am

Power supplies are one of the most popular topics in electronics. There are two major types of regulated power supply: linear and switching. Both power supply types introduce some advantages and disadvantages, however, a linear power supply offers better line and load regulation figures and it handles lower noise at the output, specifically when the power supply is adjustable and the output is under load; although its efficiency is lower than a switching power supply. In this article/video, I introduced an adjustable 30V-4A linear power supply that provides constant voltage and constant current adjustment. The output noise of the power supply is low and has measured using the power analysis feature of the Siglent SDS2102X Plus oscilloscope. All component packages are through-hole, so you don’t need any special tool for soldering. Let’s get started!



Input Voltage (max): 35V [30V, max-tested]

Output Voltage (min): 1.28V

Output Voltage (max-tested): 27.35V [28.9Vin, no load, 25C]

Output Current: 1.1mA to 4A(max continous)

Output Noise (no load): 6-7mVpp

Output Noise (1A load): 6-7mVpp

Output Noise (2A load): 8-10mVpp



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Re: Low Noise Adjustable Power Supply (30V-4A, CC-CV)

Post by redpitaya » Fri Apr 23, 2021 11:33 am

Thank you for sharing.
What examples of typical use case do you see for this in conjunction with a Red Pitaya unit?

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