triggered streaming at 160kHz

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triggered streaming at 160kHz

Post by Lenard » Tue Feb 18, 2020 3:10 pm

Dear All,

Does anyone have an idea of how to solve triggered streaming at 160kHz with two trigger signals?

Goal: Get the peak values from a 160kHz short pulse train after each and every T0 starting trigger.
In detail: After T0 the peak values of the consecutive pulses from the 160kHz pulse train should be sampled (min 1000 max. until the next T0 trigger) and sent to the PC via TCP or UDP.

Problem: STEMLab oscilloscope mode is too slow and it is unnecessary to collect the full pulse train. Although I tried the Jupyter example "osc_trigger_forced.ipynb", many data is lost between two readings (I am using ""). With decimation 64, I get 1342 pulses within 15ms. This corresponds to ca. 90kHz instead of the 160kHz and I still have to solve the streaming to the PC which will take several milliseconds I guess.

The page of Anton Potocnik seems to be promising, but as a complete beginner with Vivado I can waist much time with details. Additionally, I have no guess how much faster I can sample by this way.

All your comments and ideas are highly welcomed.



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