Zynq7020 Overclock to 866 MHz

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Zynq7020 Overclock to 866 MHz

Post by renegade264 » Sat Mar 28, 2020 6:01 pm


I have the Red Pitaya 122.88 SDR model and I have seen in other places (marketing) that the Zynq 7020 is capable of operating at 866 MHz and I was wondering if it is possible for the Red Pitaya to operate at this speed? I have had a look around in Vivado and I have tried changing a few clock frequencies to increase the rate past 666 MHz but it does not allow it.

Also is the DDR clock capable of stably going higher than 533 MHz, the prescaler resolution of the PLL's would likely limit how fine you can control the clock, but I am curious if anyone has tried this or has successfully fiddled around with the clock frequencies ?

Best Regards, Renegade

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