Acquire from scope directly to a txt file

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Acquire from scope directly to a txt file

Post by Catan » Wed Sep 16, 2020 3:27 pm

Dear All,

i'm asking about if there is a "quick and dirty" way to acquire signal from the scope and write their values over a txt file (so i can share and the other people could analyze data using matlab, geant, origin, o wharewere they want). The signal are "almost" square signal with a frequency of 100 kHz and duty cycle between 50% and 10% (so signal "on" for 1us to 5 us). Looking at the redpitaya (i have in lab a 125-14) adc seems capable to do it with a quite high sampling frequency (at least i need 10 MHz sampling frequency). In normal times i would have spend time to figure out by myself how to do it, but i'm quite out of time (and in hurry).
It could be great if there is also a way to set the number of event/trigger acquire (i.e. acquire waveform for 1M of event/trigger).

Data storage could be in the SD card or read directly from lan by a pc.

So some of you could suggest to me if there is some app, code, or guide in order to perform this simple task?


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