Fast Analog I/O WR program

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Fast Analog I/O WR program

Post by tinyhippo » Thu Oct 14, 2021 5:22 pm

Hello guys,

I wish to be able to continuously stream the data coming from one analog input, access it in a C program, do some computations, and then output a desired voltage on another analog output. My time between acquisition and output writing would be 100 micro seconds.
Do you think it is reachable ?

My idea was that maybe with some pointers I could access to data register and read/write there but I am not at all familiar with red pitaya and I don't know where to find more info than in the official doc.
If you think it is feasible, which fpga build should I use (0.94, streaming_app,...) ?
By the way is there any place where documentation is available about those build or at least more than here ... /fpga.html ?
Thanks in advance

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