Guide for creating an RP Web App?

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Guide for creating an RP Web App?

Post by blipton » Fri Apr 29, 2016 6:46 pm

Is there a guide on how to write a red pitaya app, hopefully using a standard platform for which there's lots of existing examples/resources (html5, .net, google app engine, meteor, angularJS, etc)

Also, is it possible using the included oscilloscope app, to capture a few milliseconds of data into a .csv file (for later use with the function generator)?

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Re: Guide for creating an RP Web App?

Post by lhochstetter » Sat Jun 11, 2016 12:29 pm

NOTE: The wiki is currently updating and some links point to articles which do not exist anymore / have changed locations


For starters you could read the Red Pitaya Wiki article about the structure of a Web App: ... d_overview

Optionally you could read the old (and probably outdated) guide: ... _to_GitHub

Another option would be to study the source code of existing Web Apps: ... /apps-free

The .html files seem to differ from the files that come with the 0.95 stable release image ...


I am trying to develop my first simple app too ... some things I have learned so far:

Web Server Stopping / Starting:

systemctl stop redpitaya_nginx.service
systemctl start redpitaya_nginx.service



int rp_app_init(void);
int rp_app_exit(void);

int rp_set_params(rp_app_params_t *p, int len);
int rp_get_params(rp_app_params_t **p);

int rp_get_signals(float ***s, int *sig_num, int *sig_len);

and ... src/main.h

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