fw_setenv has no effect

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fw_setenv has no effect

Post by frederik » Thu Mar 01, 2018 4:35 pm

When I use fw_setenv test_name test_value the Red Pitaya doesn't save the variable to EEPROM. I can verify this by subsequently calling fw_printenv and noticing that test_name has not been set.

What gives?

My /etc/fw_env.config file:

Code: Select all

# Configuration file for fw_(printenv/setenv) utility.
# Up to two entries are valid, in this case the redundant
# environment sector is assumed present.
# Notice, that the "Number of sectors" is ignored on NOR and SPI-dataflash.
# Futhermore, if the Flash sector size is ommitted, this value is assumed to
# be the same as the Environment size, which is valid for NOR and SPI-dataflash

# MTD device name           Device offset   Environment size
/sys/bus/i2c/devices/0-0050/eeprom  0x1800      0x0400
This is also an issue when I try to set the EEPROM variables directly from u-boot using setenv temp_name temp_value and then saveenv. After a reboot, printenv doesn't include temp_name.

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