Modify Spectrum analyzer in C

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Modify Spectrum analyzer in C

Post by robz » Thu May 17, 2018 10:23 am

Hi everybody

Currently I am working on a project with a redpitaya board :D ,
I have the open source code from Github of the app :

I have very simple things to do (I guess) but I am not very confortable with C language (I´m quite new) :D .
Indeed I have to :

-modify the bandwith of the spectrum analyzer (from 1 to 939kHz , I know I can do that quicly with the app but I need only this bandwith)
-decimate by 8 the number of sample (I want 15.625Ms/s)
-acquire the samples for 10 ms every 1 seconde
-Store the data on the SD card via (32 GB in my case) or send the data to a computer via the app (.csv) :o

I have already do the acquisition and the transformation via Matlab (after the ADC module) but I have to do this on the redpitaya board ;)

Do you know the parameters I have to modify in the open source code to do this ? :geek:
I have think about another solution :
Implement the FFTlogiccore 9.1 of Xilinx directly on the FPGA but maybe this is more difficult to do ? :mrgreen:
Best regards


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