axi_adc use

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axi_adc use

Post by B_Lascoup » Wed Dec 19, 2018 10:24 am

new in RP, i want to use the code AXI_ADC to record more than 16k sample at full sampling rate.

I use WinSCP to connect my win7 to RP. C code is compiled in the RP through Putty command. RP in using the latest environnement.

I want to get the data in a file and/or variable.

BUT I don't know how to use the code.

1- When I compile, everthing is fine. no error. the exe is created.
2- when I launch (cat /opt/redpitaya/fpga/fpga_0.94.bit > /dev/xdevcfg first and then LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/redpitaya/lib ./axi_adc) the system is waiting but nothing is done ... waiting for the trigger ???

several questions :
1- is the IP adress in line 63 (#define SERVER_IP_ADDR "" ) is the RP adress ??
2- what is the sense of the trigger_Threshold value ??
3- where is store the full data (after associating the N buffers) ?? and how to create a file gathering the data ??


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Re: axi_adc use

Post by redpitaya » Mon May 18, 2020 9:19 am

Data is recorded in the socket (you can receive it by UDP).

Please check out this thread for the answer:

1- is the IP address in line 63 (#define SERVER_IP_ADDR "" ) is the RP address ??
– it's the host IP.

2- what is the sense of the trigger_Threshold value ?? – the trigger level is located in string 70 – #define TRIGGER_THRESHOLD 2048 /* ADC counts, 2048 ≃ +0.25V */

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