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Re: streaming server

Post by akumallaarjuman » Fri Nov 27, 2020 1:02 pm

florianb wrote:
Mon Nov 09, 2020 7:38 pm

via ssh you may use the command line version of the streaming server. Running "/opt/redpitaya/bin/streaming-server -c /root/stream_conf" with stream_conf being a simple text file with the server configuration. For the content of this config file you can look at the one temporarily created by the streaming-server app in the web interface.

The server starts streaming when receiving a tcp connection or for udp getting a udp package with a payload of 1 for start streaming and 0 stopping it.

Streaming to binary file can be done directly in the web interface. Maybe it is possible to either convert the wav files to text using audacity or to use the DIAdem software to convert TDMS files.

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The commands provided in the documentation are for linux commands, and also please explain this "/opt/redpitaya/bin/streaming-server -c /root/stream_conf"

Explain this:
) Load the FPGA image of streaming

root@rp-f07167:/# cat /opt/redpitaya/fpga/fpga_streaming.bit > /dev/xdevcfg
) Prepare a configuration file.

) Launch a console application.

root@rp-f07167:/# streaming-server -c /root/.streaming_config
streaming-server started
Lost rate: 0 / 763 (0 %)
Lost rate: 0 / 766 (0 %)
Lost rate: 0 / 766 (0 %)
Lost rate: 0 / 766 (0 %)


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Re: streaming server

Post by pulidoinidetam » Wed Dec 02, 2020 5:52 pm

how can i compiler the streaming_server only? i try it with a make under a src folder and get error

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Re: streaming server

Post by ilemonaene » Mon Dec 14, 2020 5:30 pm


I am new to the redpitaya, but would like to use this interesting feature in a network of RPs.

I have 4 redpiatayas on the network, with separate IP addresses. My PC is also on the same network. Right now, I just use a trigger to acquire 16k of data samples on each redpitaya, then read them out one after the other using TCP/IP. But I am limited to only 16k of data per channel, and there is significant gaps between one read and the next read of same redpitaya. I want to acquire larger continuous samples of all (8) ADCs

a) Is there a way to stream ADC data to the DDR memory on each redpitaya say for even 0.5sec, then read them out offline?
b) Is it possible to stream data from all four redpitaya to a PC (which is also in the network)?

Any help or pointer in this direction will be very much appreciated.

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