SCPI-Server partitial rebuild

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SCPI-Server partitial rebuild

Post by d_dorfer » Mon Jul 27, 2020 6:53 am


please can tell me someone what's the right way to rebuild the SCPI.Server partial.

The Documentation says:
- make api
- The compiled executable is scpi-server/scpi-server.

But there is no executable and you can see in the Makefile, no scpi-serve folder will be created.

I found an other solution:
- make api
- cd scpi-server/
- make clean all

There is also the command make scpi existing.

But no way is running without an errror (e. g. conflict types of function SCPI_ResultBufferInt16). Before I start to debug, I want to know the right way to rebuild.

Thank you very much.


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