Clock Jitter determination and reduction

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Clock Jitter determination and reduction

Post by vahishta31 » Mon Sep 07, 2020 2:01 pm


I have implemented RP into a radar module I am working on. In this setup the ADC and DAC need to be as synchronized as possible. I have used a PLL in Vivado and connected the ADC clock to it to generate a 125 MHz clock which is driving both ADC and DAC IP in my software. Now my question is, how can I determine the existing jitter? I am comparing my module with a DAQ unit I have from NI which is 12 bits. Theoretically with 14 bits RP I should get a better SNR in my radar signal, but I don't and the signal seems to change a lot and not stable. Before coming to conclusion that the performance of RP is not good enough compared to the NI DAQ card, I want to check if the clock jitter is negligible and the synchronization between DAC and ADC. When I connect IN and OUT directly to each other and watch the signal, it seems stable but still there is around -/+20 digitized units difference between consecutive radar signals.


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