win c# oszi with recording

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win c# oszi with recording

Post by acidar » Thu Sep 24, 2020 9:23 pm


i'm started to develop a windows oscilloscope in c#.
But on test-laptop, i've tried to capture ignition from my car over wlan(rp access point modus).
But the best signal i get is very worse.

Current setup is:
Start streaming app on rp and the rest of the work makes the laptop.

Picture is from Dev-machine, 12v pwm signal

Fault one:
Voltage-values from streaming has a size of 4byte, but my rp has only 10bit.
Todo(for testing): reduce the network traffic to 1/4 to cut the voltage value to 8bit.

Maybe fault two:
Currently i use windows for operation like trigger..., maybe it's better to let RP to do the job?
But this is bad for recording.

For drawing i use Oxyplot.
Datasaving works with displaying prev, next frames.
Currently i redraw after i've added all points for a filled chart.

For testing:
"Point (complete)" should be lower than 1000 for faster drawing.

So here is the problem:
I've not enougth time to develop a half year for a working server-client-application.
If one or more want's develop on the programm here is the source code.
And don't forget to release the new versions ;)

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