Problem with DC function

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Problem with DC function

Post by ElectroNick » Mon Mar 22, 2021 8:32 am

The problem is with the DC function. It always outputs a square wave. It was tested with an oscilloscope. So this seems to be a bug with the firmware, or something is wrong with our version. I found a workaround by just setting the voltage amplitude to zero and using an offset, as shown in the SCPI commands page from the documentation.

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Re: Problem with DC function

Post by redpitaya » Mon Mar 22, 2021 8:34 am

If you just replace SINE with DC or DC_NEG
it should work fine, tested with latest beta. Maybe you are using an old OS.
%% Define Red Pitaya as TCP/IP object

IP= ''; % Input IP of your Red Pitaya...
port = 5000;
tcpipObj=tcpip(IP, port);

%% Open connection with your Red Pitaya

tcpipObj.Terminator = 'CR/LF';

fprintf(tcpipObj,'SOUR1:FUNC DC'); % Set function of output signal
% {sine, square, triangle, sawu,sawd, pwm}
fprintf(tcpipObj,'SOUR1:FREQ:FIX 2000'); % Set frequency of output signal
fprintf(tcpipObj,'SOUR1:VOLT 1'); % Set amplitude of output signal
fprintf(tcpipObj,'OUTPUT1:STATE ON'); % Set output to ON

%% Close connection with Red Pitaya


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