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Need help for fpga programming environment setup and installation (vivado)

Posted: Wed Sep 01, 2021 4:21 pm
by harasaphes

i'm a newcomer to the red pitaya familiy. It seems to me, that the red pitaya is a good platform for developing a fpga-based DAQ-System. I have a question setting up the fpga programming environment for the red pitaya. Here are my steps which should help others as well:

1.) Operating System
The actual (2021/08) red pitaya developer guide tested the installation on 18.04. I have downloaded the 18.04.4 version. Furthermore i have not updated to 18.04.5 or other versions to avoid problems with installing Vivado 2020.1. (For example the installer hangs or the gui of the installer isn't working!)

2.) Preparations for installation
Before installing Vivado and the SDK i have done alle preparations as decribed in Build Red Pitaya ecosystem and Prerequisites.

3.) Installing Vivado
After registration i downloaded Vivado 2020.1. I have installed vivado webpack just with the zynq-package.

4.) Installing the SDK
The guide says, i have to install Vivado 2020.1 and then the Xilinx SDK development environments 2019.2, but i can't find this SDK.

Which SDK should i take? SDK 2019.1
or the unified
Vitis SDK 2019.2

I hope someone can help me. I will expand the thread if i get ahead.

Thank you!

Re: Need help for fpga programming environment setup and installation (vivado)

Posted: Sat Sep 11, 2021 10:13 pm
by harasaphes

sometimes you have to go a step back. I was so fixated on the official redpitaya tutorial. Now have decided it's better to learn programming the redpitaya "more from scratch".

My post in this topic will explain one word or two with the tutorial from Anton Potočnik and my planed next steps.

On Xilinx homepage you can read:
Starting 2019.2, Xilinx SDK development environments are unified into an all-in-one Vitis™ unified software platform. There will be no 2019.2 or future releases of Xilinx SDK.
Maybe for the future the official redpitaya ecosystem will deal with Vitis Core Development Kit (Hardware: Vivado, Software: Vitis).