Impedance Analyzer - No output

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Impedance Analyzer - No output

Post by soldersplash » Sun Nov 06, 2022 2:05 pm

I'm having a problem with Impedance Analyzer not producing any output signal. The impedance plots produced are hence just erratic spurious readings.

I've checked the RP HW is behaving and that the external shunt resistor and loudspeaker are correctly connected. I did this by running RP in Oscilloscope + SIg Gen mode and I get the expected signals across the frequency range of interest. I am also monitoring the Output of the RP using a 2nd Oscilloscope. However, when I run the Impedance Analyzer application I see no output signal.

I wondered if updating from latest stable to latest beta of the RP OS would help, it made no difference to this issue.

My RP HW:-
Board model: 1.0
Ecosystem: 1.04-28-93661995d
Linux: 1.08

The app installed from Application marketplace ( via link on RP:-
Impedance Analyzer (0.94-590)

Circuit setup and app settings as per ... ofile.html and links on that page.

I also wondered if it was something daft like the Impedance analyzer output is on o/p 2 not o/p 1 and checked, it is not there either.

Is anyone having any luck using this and if so how did you get it working?

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Re: Impedance Analyzer - No output

Post by olif » Fri Dec 23, 2022 2:35 pm


I've been trying to do the same thing. What I have found out is that the jumpers need setting to high impedance mode, which involves setting a jumper connecting the middle 2 pins on each channel, and a parameter called C_cable needs changing in the program, but I have no idea what to, and can't seem to find out anywhere. I have just tried setting the jumpers and the readings actually seemed to have some rough consistency to them, unlike when the jumpers are set to LV or HV, but I still can't hear anything being output from an attached speaker driver.

If you find out anything, would you please share with me as the staff at RP don't seem to believe that this is possible without the LCR meter addon, and I have no idea how to contact the project author.

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