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Post by Felix-Peter2000 » Fri Nov 25, 2022 3:32 pm

Hello, I need your help please.
I am trying to get my sample at a certain time.
I can get the last executed time, but my samples that I executed at that time does not want to work. The error message is, "" is not recognized.

Here is once part of my code:

Code: Select all

 # Range 1
 if passed_time <= 100:
  in2.decimation = 4 #4             Abtastrate 125 MS/s / 4 = 31,25 MS/s
  timestamp_1 = passed_time
  sample_1 = len(
All this is done in the while loop.

So I would like to know my time it makes to <=100 µs. It gives me that also with the command "timestamp_1 = passed_time".
But my values are not output with the command "sample_1 = len(".

Is my approach with the "len(" correct?

Does anyone have a tip for me?

Thanks and best regards

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