Info about the fpga.dts and fpga.dtso files

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Info about the fpga.dts and fpga.dtso files

Post by opp » Sun Nov 07, 2021 7:31 pm


I'm trying to understand what the purpose of the fpga/prj/<prj-name>/fpga.dts and fpga/prj/<prj-name>/fpga.dtso device tree structure files are?

In all <prj-name> folders the fpga.dts simply includes two additional .dtsi files. However the fpga.dtso seems to contain some node information. But shouldn't all of this information be auto-generated when running red_pitaya_hsi_dts.tcl?

My use case is that : I have my custom PS+PL project and I follow the steps in red_pitaya_hsi_dts.tcl to generate a device tree structure folder (containing all the relevant PS and PL *.dts and *.dtsi) files, I thought that my zynq hardware would be fully defined.

What would the analogous *.dtso file be for a custom project be then - similar to those in the fpga/prj/<prj-name>/dts/ folder?

I should then require only the board DTS file such as 'fpga/red_pitaya.dtsi' -correct?

PS: In my project compilation work-flow I am basically following the steps from Makefile.x86 and modifying it to suit my purposes.

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