constraints files for STEMlab 125-10?

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constraints files for STEMlab 125-10?

Post by iamtheweenus » Thu Jan 27, 2022 8:21 pm


I just bought a STEMLab 125-10 and am new to FPGA so please excuse me if this are dumb questions. I recently downloaded the board and constraint files from github. Vivado identifies the board files as a STEMab-14. Secondly, I imported the .xdc files from the examples (Led Blinker/Frequency Counter) and noticed that the ADC inputs are 14-bits but my board is obviously 10-bit. Do I need to change this?

Please let me know if these questions aren't clear.



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Re: constraints files for STEMlab 125-10?

Post by juretrn » Fri Jan 28, 2022 9:37 am

Hi Chris,

Red Pitaya 125-10 and 125-14 (on Zynq 7010) are the same as far as FPGA is concerned.
The only difference is that the 4 LSB pins are connected to ground; therefore the constraint files are valid for both models.

EDIT: please post such questions under the new "FPGA related questions" subforum so it's easier for me to find them in the future.

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