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Fixing PTP on RedPitaya

Posted: Tue May 15, 2018 9:26 pm
by doertepeter
Hi all :D ,
we wanna synchronize a cluster of Red Pitayas with PTP for echo measuring.
We tried to build ptp for now some weeks - but without success yet
The main problems are these two:
1) The NIC support the hardware timestamping capabilities, but the ethernet driver, called macb, not. There is a other possible driver for same platform, the linux axi driver from Xilinx. This driver supports also hardware timestamping. I think, i will install this driver in the next week :P - and will tell you my experiences :D
*Sorry seems like I'm not allowed to post URLs - otherwise i would post site of the linux axi driver here
2) The second problem is that we can't get access to the IO Pins of the Red Pitaya (**thanks at mario for telling me). So we need to build a extra-ethernet-PHY on the Pitaya. How we fix that Problem is still unknown.

I think there are many other peoples, who want to synchronize more Red Pitayas using PTP. So please lets collect all the ideas - for fixing that. :)
Or when there is somebody who has already implement PTP on more Red Pitayas - which woould be very nice :P , then please tell us - otherwise the project is in danger of failing. :cry:

Re: Fixing PTP on RedPitaya

Posted: Tue May 15, 2018 9:53 pm
by pavel
Another possibility could be to try the emacps driver: ... x_emacps.c

If it doesn't work with the recent Linux releases, then switching to an older Linux release could be a solution. I remember that the emacps driver worked with the xilinx-v2015.4 release.

You can find more details in this post.