New feature: high speed continuous recording

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Re: New feature: high speed continuous recording

Post by juretrn » Fri Nov 04, 2022 10:44 am

The data structure looks like this, if I remember correctly:
there is 80 bytes at the start. This is followed by 32 kiB of ch1 data and 32 kiB of ch2 data. In 16 bit mode, this means 16k samples per channel; in 8 bit mode, it's 32k samples per channel.
This data is followed by 92 bytes of another header and 2x 32 kiB of further ADC data.
This 92 bytes - 2x 32 kiB pattern then repeats until the end of file.
The minimum file is 80 bytes header and one 2x 32 kiB data.
If only one channel is selected, then there is no data for the other one.

Hope this is helpful, otherwise I can share an Octave script I used during testing.

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