Update and bad behaviors

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Update and bad behaviors

Post by iu4jnr » Fri Feb 12, 2021 1:08 am

Hi I put hands on a hamlab 160-10 sdr + instruments based on RP 125/14.
It is a cool piece of rig but I can only use the old 0.94 OS because of an unexpected behavior:
Once updated with recent OS (and even with old 0.96) the internal fan start running full throttle and won’t reduce speed.
Is there any instruction to make the fan works as it should?

Second thing is the output power: it is supposed to output max 10w but if I use a recent release of c25 edition of power sdr, the max output power jump to 20w with the risk to fry the mosfet. Any hint for this other than reduce the power slide? Is there any max power setting I can work around?

Third is: does anyone had the luck in let the hamlab work with thetis?

Last is: a bad, long, unacceptable delay when CW which make telegraphy operations impossible.

Thanks in advance for any help
Max iu4jnr

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Re: Update and bad behaviors

Post by redpitaya » Fri Feb 19, 2021 11:04 am

Hi and thank you for posting.
Red Pitaya OS will not work on HAMlab.
Please note that for a few years now, HAMlab is a discontinued product that was replaced with Charlie25 RADIOlab units
- unfortunately, no software updates are available for HAMlab anymore.

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