Scope app: better zooming

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Scope app: better zooming

Post by redpitaya » Mon Jun 09, 2014 10:03 am

Originally posted by Uwe Freese

It should be possible to only zoom the X or Y axis by mouse wheel with holding down Shift / Ctrl etc.

Additionally, the zoom out should not zoom out the voltage if it's already higher than possible. E.g. if I zoom out to have 10s time in the display, it shows some thousand volts, which do not make sense.

Answer / reasoning: We find it a nice proposal - might improve the interaction and usability of the GUI a lot. Right, some limitation could be added to zooming - at least when some particular applications are considered, where inputs are to be displayed. Still for some other applications this may be an obstacle (spectrum analyser, Freq. response monitor, etc). So, not a general GUI requirement.

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