Not able to connect via ethernet hubs

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Not able to connect via ethernet hubs

Post by jmontse » Sat Jul 22, 2017 8:09 pm

I am facing a problem with my Red Pitaya: There is no way to get the ethernet connection working if I use a hub. The Lan leds do not blink (only one stays on). Nevertheless if I connect it directly to the router, it works. Also if I connect the Red Pitaya directly to the PC via ethernet, there is no problem.
I tested with two different models of hubs, and both do the same.
If I use my Raspberry Pi or Odroid C2, I have no problem to connect via the hub.
Of course I tried with different OS releases, older and newer, without success.

In summary, my Red Pitaya dislikes the LAN Hubs. Any one has any idea of what can be happening ? What am I doing wrong?


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