SPI Interfacing from Pins to FPGA PLL Modules

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SPI Interfacing from Pins to FPGA PLL Modules

Post by patrick_stockton » Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:56 pm


I recently just got access to a Red Pitaya, and it has proven itself to be an incredible platform.

I'm still fairly new to the FPGA realm, but I had a question when it comes to interfacing the various pins/protocols to your own Verilog modules in the FPGA side. I've installed the RP OS (v0.97-336), tested the example "SPI" C code and ran a few of my own Verilog projects. The questions I have:

1): With the dedicated SPI pins on the E2 connector, how would I go about accessing the information on these pins to the FPGA side?
1a): Would I be able to enable the SPI0/SPI1 MIO pins and connect them to the respective module(s) in the "Block Design"?
1b): Create my own "MISO"/"MOSI" variables and assign the pin ports (C6, E9...) in the constraints file?

My current working knowledge between the PS/PL is not too advanced, so I may not be aware of any crosstalk challenges between the two. If anyone would happen to have a simple example, that would be invaluable!


Patrick Stockton

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Re: SPI Interfacing from Pins to FPGA PLL Modules

Post by jeanminet » Fri Sep 15, 2017 5:10 pm


If you want to connect a SPI core to the FPGA, you need to select it as EMIO in the Zynq Processing System IP:


You then have access to the SPI pins in the VIvado block design:


You may need to update the device tree in order for Linux to create a corresponding spidev device.


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Re: SPI Interfacing from Pins to FPGA PLL Modules

Post by pstockton » Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:04 pm

I appreciate the help Jean!

I took the approach that you mentioned, however I was not able to successfully receive any signal from the "SPI0" from the PS. It appears that I am able to receive data on the Linux environment, but not able to pass it through the PS IP. Perhaps an internal declaration may be mixed up.

In the mean time; I'm going to be utilizing the AXI_Quad_SPI IP for some development.

Thanks again!

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