SCPI & LabView Problems with the Generator function

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SCPI & LabView Problems with the Generator function

Post by Sahitaz » Thu Oct 19, 2017 10:12 am

Hi Guys,

i have some problems with my RP.

If I am using it in my home network, i am able to use the RP in control it, at least with restricted funcitons, via LabView.
If I am trying to use the RedPitaya over a network switch or by using the access point function, I am only able to use the Apps,
but I can not access the RP via LabView. And I can not ping to the RedPitaya by the IP address it tells me.
Why it doesn't show me the right IP, i am not able to connect to the Board?

And when I am trying to build an LabView application with the function generator, it also does not work like i want it.
I am able to generate a sine signal with the correct frequency and amplitude.
But when i try to generate two sine waves with a phase shift, it doesn't work anymore (without phase shift, it works with two sine waves).
I tried to make a workaround with a time delay or the arbitrary function, but there, I can not create any output at all.
Do the SCPI Commands work (via LabView)?

Excuse my bad english, i am from germany.

kind regards

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Re: SCPI & LabView Problems with the Generator function

Post by amike88 » Mon Oct 23, 2017 12:09 pm


take a look at this example.

best of luck

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