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Designing and implementation of PID controller based Quadcopter (Raspberry pi 3)

Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2018 5:03 pm
by abdullah99
I need some suggestions (warnings are also appreciated). I am a fresh engineer, have little know how of designing and python language and haven't used raspberry pi yet (planning to learn it in next month). I am planning to design a quad copter (within one year duration), I don't know much about it and couldn't find much good information on Google (or you could say I couldn't digest it). My questions are:

1. What simulator should I use to design PID controller for quad copter?
2. I have heard about flight controller, It has built in different sensors and controls speed of motors. Basically I am trying to control my quad copter through PID controller so should I say that my designed PID controller will be flight controller?
3. What is difficulty level of designing PID controller?
4. Designin PID controller would be most difficult part or there would also be other difficulties?
5. After designing PID should I directly move to hardware or do I need to do something else before?
6. Type of hardware I should use? I am planning to make it autonomous, object following (through camera) so raspberry pi is good option to do so?
7. Most important, how much time do you think a newbie will require to design it?