SCPI server IP="None" when directly connecting via Ethernet

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SCPI server IP="None" when directly connecting via Ethernet

Post by ivan1981 » Mon Oct 15, 2018 11:49 pm

I connected the macbook directly to Red Pitaya via ethernet cable, then I go to rp-F061c6.local/ and all works, then to development and enable the SCPI server. It is then showing "SCPI server is running ... (IP="None", port=5000). The IP of the RP is and I can ping it but ssh connection is refused. I can't connect to this server now from python. Using wifi connection in access point mode works fine and then SCPI server has some good IP that I can connect to it. Can anybody recommend how to set up SCPI in this configuration? How to find the address associated with rp-F061c6.local?

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