Register problem in Zumy Topcagic guide

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Register problem in Zumy Topcagic guide

Post by gerardpc » Fri Oct 19, 2018 3:57 pm

Hi all,

I'm slowly learning how to use the redpitaya by following this tutorial that I've found online by Zumy Topcagic:


The tutorial is lacking an update, but in general you can more or less follow it (I'm using Vivado 2017.2 in ubuntu). My idea in the end is to program a sort of custom PID, and everything goes more or less fine by following the guide: you read from one of the RP outputs, multiply that value by a constant, and put the result in one of the outputs. This is the P part of my PID.

However, on the last section (page 16 of the pdf) he starts to use registers to be able to control externally the value of the constant that multiplies the input. The larger problems begin here: for starters, the red_pitaya_hk.v file that has to be modified for the registers is in a different folder than expected but, also, in the code file (the first to be modified) this previous file (red_pitaya_hk.v) is no longer called (as would be expected from the tutorial), but instead red_pitaya_id.v is used.

So I deduce that red_pitaya_id.v is the file that should be modified instead, and everything compiles fine when I run "make PRJ=classic". However, later on I connect to the redpitaya through ssh to modify the values of the registers and the command lines

root@rp-f05dc9:~# monitor 0x40000100 0x80

Don't do anything. If I run

root@rp-f05dc9:~# monitor 0x40000100

The result is always zero. What am I doing wrong and how should I use the registers? Also, what is out there to control PIDs already? And, most importantly, how do I learn to program this thing? Is there a proper guide/tutorial/manual somewhere?


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