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Ethernet development on Red Pitaya

Posted: Tue Jul 23, 2019 9:48 am
by motagiyash
Hello RP Experts,

I am a newbie to RP and FPGA, Been working with it for 1 Month.
I am trying to develop ethernet project, where i have 32 AXI stream counter on PL, and i would like to send the count data to PC through Ethernet UDP Protocol.(Speed needed 11 mbits per sec)

I have been following Pavel demin and other developers who are working on many projects, trying to understand bits and piece but i have hard time understanding.

The things i have understood so far.
1.My data has to take path: AXI counter ->AXI FIFO -> DMA -> RAM -> Ethernet DMA/Controller -> PC
I have achived data storage in ram through PL DMA.

2.Now after following Pavel demin, he is working with macb linux drivers to configure ethernet.
Ok so now i need to get into linux development.

3.I have understood i need to configure ethernet controller device tree by following a video from Xilinx "" .

4.I have been studing about linux development from various sources online but no luck :cry:
I have been following youtuber "Mohammadsadegh Sadri".

It seems i have all bits of information, but i have trouble connecting and start development.

Could anyone help be me by providing a simple referance project, or some links which would help me connect everything properly.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Looking forward for you reply