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Update Jupyter

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2020 10:10 pm
by wimphot
I am using Jupyter to learn Python - very much a newbie - I notice that the version of Python I have on my RP is 3.5.9. whereas the up-to-date stable version is 3.7.7
As I am a newbie I guess that being on 3.5.9 will not make any difference to my learning experience but I'd be interested to learn how to update an individual app on the RP.
To see if a later Pitaya OS .img had a more recent version of Python, I tried downloading "red_pitaya_OS-beta_13-mar-2020" writing it to a card (Pi Baker) - it would not load and run on my RP.
Anyone point me to a link, please, where I can learn more about updating and/or installing Python 3.7.7