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Inserting SD card leads power good signal to fall...

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2020 6:07 pm
by coconuts
Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well in these (very) special moments....

I'm using my Pitaya since many years now, but today I ran into trouble :

The main symptom of my board is : "When I insert the SD card, the power good led goes OFF.... If I remove the card, the power good led gets bak to ON...."

Of course, I've tried with an another SD card : same result.
I've tried to isolate the card's contacts with some Katpon, same behaviour...

I've checked the schematics to find out my problem but the "SD card interface" section is anonymised in the schematics' pdf...

Can someone, who have access / knows the schematics can help me, please ? I would like to know what is the structure between the SD card presence switch and the "SDIO_SDET" signal.

Thank you ;)