IOC application for Redpitaya

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IOC application for Redpitaya

Post by ersincicek » Sat May 09, 2020 4:49 pm


I am a new user of Red pitaya STEMlab board and I made some FPGA examples up to now. Also, I already started to build my project in Vivado software. Moreover, I'm trying to make an IOC application for Redpitaya by using EPICS driver support based on asynPortDriver. And, I installed the redpitaya-epics driver on the board. ... taya-epics

I want to read/write the FPGA registers and create records for these registers with their offset addresses. So, I would like to ask you that how can I access the memory addresses in my FPGA project which is built in Vivado software in EPICS side?

Thank you very much in advance. Any comments, documents with examples etc are greatly welcomed.

Ersin C.

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