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Bode analyser - DC/DC Converter Stability Measurement

Posted: Fri Jul 03, 2020 1:56 pm
by trimen

I'm trying to do some power supply stability measurement with RP and I can't get satisfying results.

I'm trying to measure a cheap DC/DC converter with LM2596. I basically follow the Bode100 app note. As an injection transformer, I used a 3VA transformer with two separate 9V secondary windings. One is connected to the output of RP (DC resistance ~25Ohm) and another is connected to 10Ohm resistor in the feedback loop. ... y_V3_3.pdf

However, the measurement is somewhat distorted and the output is not expected.
I wasn't able to find more information on this subject with RP integration.
Is it possible to get more information on how to correctly use RP in this case?
Also, the measurement is relatively slow.