Direct Connection To PC Not Working

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Vibrant NDT
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Direct Connection To PC Not Working

Post by Vibrant NDT » Thu Aug 13, 2020 8:24 pm

Hello, I am a first-time poster and a beginner with RP so bear with me.

I received my RP (125-14) Monday and have been trying to get the thing online ever since.

My situation: I am trying to use it at my place of work. I am not able to put the RP on our network due to security concerns. So, a direct connect to PC with an ethernet cable is going to be my ONLY option. I am running a Dell laptop on Windows 10. I also have a machine with Ubuntu to modify the ext4 partition on the SD card and run the console via minicom. The Ubuntu machine does not have a working ethernet card otherwise I would use it to connect to.

The first thing I did was follow the instructions on the Red Pitaya Quick Start guide here.
It sounded simple enough, just connect the cable to your PC and wait 30 seconds! Done!
That did not work. I disabled Wi-Fi, still nothing.
Then I began the path of setting a static IP. The instructions state, "Use recommended connection described in Local Area Network (LAN) section" then open Network Manager and choose "Static" option. Am I missing something here?! The problem I have is not being able to connect! I don't have the option of connecting to a router. So that’s a dead end….

I then started following some other info on setting a static IP by modifying the “” text file on the SD card, as well as setting the IPV4 network settings on the PC to match what I had set on the SD card. Powered up and connected, entering this static IP in a browser I still got nothing. Also tried the RP-xxxxxx.local/ with the same result. On the PC in command prompt listing all IP's it shows the Static IP I have as the only interface. I can ping it and I get 100% return. I can see it but no response in the browser.

I have tried both Chrome and Edge browsers.
Firewalls have been disabled.
All other networks (Wi-Fi) have been disabled.
I have tried the latest stable(0.99-48) and beta(1.03-701) versions of the disk image.
I have tried fresh unmodified disc images as well as the modified “” file. Which looks like this after editing:



I am running out of ideas.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Direct Connection To PC Not Working

Post by pavel » Thu Aug 13, 2020 9:45 pm

I think recent SD card images provided by Red Pitaya developers use the link-local addresses when there is no DHCP server. I think this is also the default behavior of network interfaces in Windows 10.

So, with the default configuration, when the Red Pitaya board is directly connected to a Windows 10 PC, the Red Pitaya board and the PC obtain the IP addresses from the address block. As these IP addresses are random, it is recommended to use the mDNS hostname (rp-f0xxxx.local) of the Red Pitaya board to connect to its web interface.

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Re: Direct Connection To PC Not Working

Post by BeRenz » Fri Aug 14, 2020 6:49 pm

Hi Vibrant NDT,

like you I also strugeled with the initial network configuration. I would recommenc the following:
-since you have a 125-14 you can use another micro usb cable and connect it to the second port on the red pitaya
-you will get another COM? interface on your pc (see device manager) use Putty or any other Serial terminal to connect to the red pitaya with the baudrate set to 115200
-you will not have a terminal where you can check your network connection with "ip addr" or ping stuff
-now you can check if the webserver and so on is running

Also your DNS config seems strange, I have not seen this way of configuring multiple dns ip's:

Code: Select all

according to the systemd arch page:
"This option may be specified more than once." So i would guess you neet to do it like so:

Code: Select all

So maybe systemd will choke on your configuration file.
Or just leave them out, with the network infrastructure you have going on, you probably wont be able to reach those ip's anyway.

Vibrant NDT
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Re: Direct Connection To PC Not Working

Post by Vibrant NDT » Mon Aug 17, 2020 10:02 pm

Thank you for the replies.

After taking a break from it over the weekend I gave it another go this morning.
This time I started again with a fresh image on the SD card. I then connected to a WIn7 machine without any kind of network connection and tried the direct connect once again. It worked! This is the actual machine that will be running the RP from now on anyway. Not sure if I had something wonky set on the Win10 machine but I'm putting it behind me.

Thanks again everyone!

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