Set system time using a .sh script and RTC.

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Set system time using a .sh script and RTC.

Post by earlforeal » Thu Oct 22, 2020 7:32 pm

I was able to connect a DS3221 RTC to the red pitaya's I2C (SDA/SCL) and can use terminal commands like

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Using i2cdump for a specific address(es) will read the seconds, minutes, hours, date, year (00h-06h) from the RTC.

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$ i2cdump -y -r 0x0-6 0 0x68
     0  1  2  3  4  5  6    
00: 51 51 21 01 14 01 17

//to read seconds only
$ i2cdump -y -r 0x0 0 0x68
$ 0x51

//read hour only
$ i2cdump -y -r 0x2 0 0x68
$ 0x21
I would like to set the RP's system time using the RTC, and was wondering if using a would work? For example (pseudo code)

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//create variable that is current RP system time and will be amended with correct RTC time
old = $(date)

// create string variable using RTC time
new = $(i2cdump -y -r 0x0-6 0 0x68)

//change 'old' to 'new'
date -s '$new'

I am new to programming in general and have tried my best to articulate the problem, and ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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