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Problems with SSH and Github example

Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2021 1:59 pm
by Vinh_Hk
I need some help...

I wanted to do a program using C on the redpitaya (using SSH). However when doing this command :

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git clone
I have "receiving objects" that always get stuck around 17% or 18%. Then the conection is lost (but it is still visible on my wifi connected devices) and I cannot connect anymore to the RedPitaya (even with using the Web interface). I tought that I had corrupted the SD files, therefore I reflashed the last stable version and also tried the unstable release using balena etcher and win32Diskimager. But, the exact same thing happened, on 3 differents SD cards.

Does anyone can help me with that please ?

edit : If I wait long enough I have this on the terminal :

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client_loop: send disconnect: Connection reset