WiFi-Adapter RTL8821

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WiFi-Adapter RTL8821

Post by Bulova » Thu Feb 02, 2023 9:57 am


I have a problem with a WiFi adapter, which was praised at Ebay with the description
Realtek RTL8811CU USB Dual-Band 600Mbps Mini (see attached photo). I can't get any connection with it. Curiously the drivers inside are stated as RTL8821. So, I am not sure, if this could be the problem, as the RP recommendation states RTL8811CU.

And I do know, that my Edimax instead works ok.

Thanks for help.

Best regards


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Re: WiFi-Adapter RTL8821

Post by redpitaya » Tue Feb 07, 2023 2:56 pm

Red Pitaya currently supports Edimax EW-7811Un V2, but any Wi-fi dongle using the supported chipset (RTL8188EU) should work.

This was added in the latest STABLE version (1.04-18).

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