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weird error: "fup: unknown method "loopback

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2015 9:36 am
by seijirom
this is my first post. I am a newbie . First of all, thank you for developing such a great product.

While I was trying RP at several places with different network settings, suddenly ifconfig began to show nothing.
In the startup log, I noticed weird message as below
Starting network ...
"fup: unknown method" loopback.

It took me more than one day to figure out what went wrong.
It was the file mode issue. At some point, I have edited /etc/network/interfaces file (which must be unix mode)
with Windows text editor which added ^M character at the end of lines (dos mode). Just running 'dos2unix interfaces' fixed the problem.
(During the process, I learned that 'rw' command is useful to directly edit files in MicroSD card which are available under /opt directory.)

Hope this helps some people in the same trouble.